Cosmos (not enough) | Monolabo | Création

Cosmos (not enough) | Monolabo | Création

11.06.2023 - 19:00

Written and performed by Sascha Ley
In English

Cosmos (not enough) is a stream of consciousness, a reflection and research on unequal perception, memory and reality, on being a woman, being a man, being oneself, on relationship, desire, lust, love, polarity, erotic attraction and the different experience of space and time.

“Words like … - What is a word?”

Based on a project of lyrical prose, word collages and illustrations, created in 2021* Ley further develops the hybrid text form of her Cosmos (not enough) as an interdisciplinary performance that combines storytelling, images, sounds, music, and movement into an experimental playground.

"Words like words. Are not enough, not for me, not enough."

For Monolabo, Sascha Ley and Krischan Kriesten are working in artistic collaboration on individual chapters for the upcoming performance in 2024 and will show the first station of their work in progress.

*Originally created with the help of the "résidence à domicile” support from Focuna Luxembourg

Video and soundSascha Ley, Krischan Kriesten
LightKrischan Kriesten
PhotoLugdivine Unfer