Jolanta Juszkiewicz makes us relive Desdemona’s drama through a simple, yet powerful, production where the gesture and the movement carry the emotion. The actress clashes with the mechanisms of a world ruled by the powerful male patriarchy, the violence of love, insanity and destruction.


The play offers a subversive potential, that resides in its capacity to dramatize the possibility of emancipated relationships between a husband and a wife; the position of a woman among the male patriarchate and the clash of two cultures – Muslim and Christian - beyond the institutionalized inequalities of past and present.


Kropka Theatre was founded in 1997 in Sydney by Jolanta Juszkiewicz to create and explore innovative conceptual performances and to enhance the audience‘s experiences through thought-provoking themes based on classic and contemporary drama.

By and with
Jolanta Juszkiewicz
Anatoly Frusin
Kropka Theatre
Tuesday 13 July 2010
20:00 | Kulturhaus Niederanven