“I was not always a woman, an Arab or a Muslim … these things only came with time.”

Contemplating the predicament of her gender, of imposed and acquired identities, a woman sets out to explore herself in language, culture and the media. Drawing on personal experience, she symbolically addresses projections and social taboos. She dances with her disparate realities, finding relief in the roots of things and in their re-interpretation.


In the Lost and Found is a play that is relevant to the current political and socio-cultural situation in the Arab world, the Arab revolutions, and the perception of Arab women and Muslims in the Arab world as well as in the West. It is essentially a play about a woman’s journey to autonomy and self-determination.


Lana Nasser is a performing artist and storyteller, actor, dancer, translator, and published writer. With an academic background in Psychology and Consciousness Studies, she organizes workshops and leads experiential journeys in Jordan, her birthplace. Performing internationally, she is co-founding director of Aat Network of Women Artists, aimed at promoting creative self-expression and symbolic thinking.

De et avec
Lana Nasser
© Bohumil Kostohryz
Monday 04 July 2011
20:00 | Carrérotondes