Object-Theater | Performance-Lecture

‘What is a doll? Any object, any body part, any image, may become a doll: a mere pebble in the hands of an autistic child; a bundle of rags that evokes a danse macabre; some ex- votos manipulated in erotic trance; a fava bean that symbolizes death and rebirth. Dolls are sometimes secular and sometimes sacred, sometimes inanimate and sometimes animated, sometimes simulacrum and sometimes real. Reflect upon your very first doll, your most beloved doll, your most hated doll, perhaps the one whose eyes you gouged out just to see what was there behind them. Evoke your own inner doll museum. Provoke objects to lead a new life as puppets. Invoke your most profound dolls, doubles, and demons. The doll is familiar and frightening, magical and mysterious. It separates me from myself, multiplies my personality, and exposes my unconscious to the world.‘ 

Thursday 28 June 2012
19:00 | Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg