Fundamental MonoLabo: One evening. 6 young artists. 5 performances.

The Aviary is a magically elegant solo. The piece introduces a new form of life and the possibilities this character beholds. Leaving behind a message that beauty and purpose lie in being different and that what you think might be your biggest mistakes are often your most beautiful creations! Half human, half crow hybrid, the dancer becomes confronted with her abilities and powers.

As her potential grows she seeks to push her limits and attempt the seemingly impossible. As humans we are all caged with the ability to roam freely, develop our minds and physicality, until society decides that we have become too powerful. Although our cage is not visible or tangible, we all live in an aviary.

Choreography, Costume and Performance
Kendra J. Horsburgh 
Mikey J. Asante
BirdGang Dance Company
Saturday 20 June 2015
19:00 | Banannefabrik