Fundamental MonoLabo: One evening. 6 young artists. 5 performances.

…on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

That’s the question the poor bastard trapped within the mirror is forced to answer day after day after day... And in the end, it’s him who gets all the shit. Just imagine having to put up with that frustrated, evil queen on a daily basis!

But then the day comes, when she shatters the unlucky creature and has to face herself. Our queen embarks on a quest to find out who could possibly be more beautiful than her.

Starting from the fairy tale, Siobhán McMillan and Anne Simon explore - in what reveals itself to become a very personal project - the schizophrenic relationship between women and their mirror image. From hilariously recognizable to tragically over the top, yet oh so true, they meet themselves in various apparitions that all seem flawless to begin with and turn into a right disaster at a closer look.

The performer and the director come to realize that the love-hate relationship between us and our mirror-selves might never be solved. The years of the 'thigh-gap' is long passed, the investment in creams, lotions and other potions is getting more and more useless, but perhaps if we take it with a good portion of humor, the wrinkles will at least come from laughing.

Original Idea, design and poduction
Siobhán McMillan, Anne Simon
Written by
Siobhán McMillan
Directed by
Anne Simon
Saturday 20 June 2015
19:00 | Banannefabrik