Fundamental MonoLabo: One evening. 6 young artists. 5 performances.

This work in progress showing is conceived and performed by New York based artist, Caitlin Goldie. My New One Woman Show is an exploration of the artist’s fears and questions surrounding love and relationships. It is an honest and quirky account of one girl’s frustration in relationships and her desperation to know she isn’t the only one having her crazy thoughts.  

I’m wondering if the questions I have

That consequently lead to a lot of other questions

Are really questions that most people have

Or maybe hopefully,


Shifting between character and artist, Caitlin Goldie “philosophizes emotionally” while sharing her comical process of actually creating a solo show. Elements of poetry are interspersed with elements of meta-theatricality to create a unique structural form that speaks to the changing, charged nature of our thoughts and dreams about love.  In sharing her questions of what it is to open her heart to one special person, Ms. Goldie creates an honest relationship with her audience that allows her to open her heart to everyone around…or at least everyone who will listen to her show. This is Caitlin Goldie’s second one-woman show.  

Written and performed by
Caitlin Goldie
Directed by
Tara Elliott
Saturday 20 June 2015
19:00 | Banannefabrik