Iraq / Luxembourg I In English

I was born in a war.
I lived in a war and,
I ran away from a war.

Over 900,000 asylum seekers and migrants reached Europe by sea in 2015. More than 200,000 arrived on the Greek islands in October 2015 alone. Most of them come from countries where conflict, repression and fear force people to flee for their lives.

Iraqi TV-journalist and refugee Hind Al-Harby, 28 years old, arrived in Luxembourg last year. In this touching performance, Hind will tell you about her life back in Iraq, about the days of war and peace, her work as a journalist for public television under a repressive regime, the choice to leave her homeland and her friends behind and to attempt, what many refugees refer to as the “death journey”…

When people flee their home with nothing, the only things they have left are their culture, their way of life and their stories. Death journey is the story of Hind Al-Harby and her family: direct, personal and honest.

“(...) this performance is an important and bold effort to bridge the divide between them and us, to leave our cosy homes and confront uncomfortable realities.” (Jessica Bauldry,, february 24th 2016)

Annick Goerens and the team of the Kasemattentheater
Tuesday 14 June 2016
20:00 | Théâtre des Casemates