Luxembourg I In English

“In Paramount VS Tantamount two logics are in battle – the hegemonic Paramount VS the collective Tantamount.
We are introduced to five characters, that, as soon as they step foot on the stage, begin to un-characterize each other, to merge voices, to conflate identities to the point where a temporary essence of a voice is all that is left.
This investigation into eye/dentity (the eye, the teeth, the face as locus for typisation and subsequent (sub-)ordering of subjects) happens through, at, despite of, against and alongside the grandest of themes: evolution, decomposition of previous life-matter by current life matter: the earthworms and the celestial bodies).
” Sophie Jung


Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, Peter Burleigh, Sophie Jung
Sunday 09 June 2019
20:00 | Banannefabrik