A Lithualien in the Land of Bananas

A Lithualien in the Land of Bananas

08.06.2018 - 20:00

Luxembourg-Lithuania I In English

This piece​ is an autobiographical show exploring the inner and outer workings of a young girl's move in the early 90’s from the Soviet Republic of Lithuania to Luxembourg, where bananas were not only available all year around but – to her astonishment - were consumed at what felt like a disrespectfully quick pace. This personal narration tries to explore the topic of alienation, emotional isolation and ultimately the power of human resilience as well as theatre as an artistic means to (attempt to) achieve it.

It's nothing but ​a theatrical delight​ to be premiering A Lithualien in the Land of Bananas​ in the very location that sheltered these luxurious bananas in the past.​

A Lithualien in the Land of Bananas is the outcome of a work in progress that has taken its first steps during Monolabo at Fundamental Monodrama Festival 2016.

First release!

In association withThe State Small Theatre of Vilnius
With the support ofFOCUNA
With the support ofMinistère de la Culture