Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

16.06.2023 - 20:00

Written by Benjamin Verdonck & Lucas Van Haesbroeck
Performed by
 Benjamin Verdonck
In English

Dancing ropes, burning strings and popping colors: a new installation from devil-does-all Benjamin Verdonck with live music from the divine Jolan Decaestecker.

Bigger, faster, bolder and more frantic than any of the other table theaters in his repertoire, Verdonck’s new show is a cross between a meticulous choreography and a jam session gone wild. A physical duel with hundreds of ropes and planes, nose-flute solos, armpit sweat rings, screaming and screeching guitars. Down the Rabbit Hole brings it on. You’re sitting in a red velvet theater chair but know that nothing prevents you from jumping up and bobbing along.

MusicJolan Decaestecker
LightLucas Van Haesbroeck
PhotoKurt Van der Elst