10.06.2021 - 21:00

Great Britain I In English

Angel is inspired by the story of a modern legend: a female sniper - the Angel of Kobani – who held ISIS (Daesh) in check for over a year in war torn Syria. As young female law student, she joined the resistance when the town of Kobani was besieged - and quickly discovered that she had a talent for killing. In the midst of the fiercest fighting since Stalingrad, it is alleged that she shot and killed 100 extremists - making her particularly feared by ISIS, as they believe that if they are killed by a woman they cannot enter Paradise...

In addition to winning two of the most prestigious prizes - The Fringe First and the Holden Street Theatres Edinburgh Award - Angel was also nominated for the Best of Edinburgh and the Amnesty Freedom of Expression gongs. The Times in London chose it as one of the UK’s Top Ten plays in 2016.

DirectionMichael Cabot