On the Importance of Being an Arab

On the Importance of Being an Arab

11.06.2017 - 19:00

Egypt I In English

Ahmed El Attar takes to the stage as both the subject and the presenter of the material, based on his own true life. However, in spite of the title this performance will neither tell his life story nor explain the Arab identity.

El Attar has synthesised his own personal archive of love letters, official documents, communication with his father and more, into short chapters, creating a performance that is a live rendition of his everyday movements and speech. The play becomes a reflection on the basic essence of acting, in which the performer imitates video footage of his daily life, and speaks lines that are the actual text of his phone conversations.

Both the transcribed telephone conversations and the recorded video footage are updated after each set of performances, ensuring that the performance is always spontaneous and constantly evolving, thereby creating a parallel line with the performer’s life.

DirectionAhmed El Attar
Music and videoHassan Khan
Set and costume designHussein Baydoun
Light designCharlie Alstrom