Monolabo : The Passion of Andrea 2 - Solo Research

Monolabo : The Passion of Andrea 2 - Solo Research

15.06.2019 - 19:00

Luxembourg I In English

Full of humour and irony, The Passion of Andrea 2 masquerades as a sequel to an earlier, fictional version of the same piece: The Passion of Andrea 1. It is around the memory and ephemeral presence of this “original work” that a group of three individuals, who are all Andrea, try to construct a new piece. Their quest for a precarious balance and a semblance of common ground propels them into strange loops of burlesque scenes and increasingly disconcerting worlds within worlds. This research with only one performer allows us to explore questions around The Passion of Andrea in a single character.

The Passion of Andrea 2 – Solo Research inscribes itself into a series of short research periods taking place over two years, exploring choreographic tools, formats, and ideas around the fictional character(s) Andrea, in preparation of a full-length creation, The Passion of Andrea 2. Previous research periods took place in 2018 in the context of an Open Studio at the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW (DE), of the Touch Wood Festival at The Place (UK), and of the Trois du 3 at the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU).

DramaturgyThomas Schaupp
Internship in collaboration withthe Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse Lyon Nangaline Gomis
Administrative supportCathy Modert
ProductionSimone Mousset Projects, Fundamental
Supported byFondation Été, Fondation Cléo Thiberge-Edrom, Fondation Indépendance