CANCELLED!!! At Home with William Shakespeare

CANCELLED!!! At Home with William Shakespeare

15.06.2021 - 20:00

Pip Utton brings the famous William Shakespeare alive. Not merely the probable writer of wonderful plays and poetry but a real man who loves, laughs, drinks, sings, dances and cries, and in between is forced to write some plays and poetry to make a living. Living a double life, as a family man and landowner in Stratford-upon-Avon and as the great playwright in London, his wife, his love, his children all are in. It’s fun, it’s moving and it involves the audience now and again in the way Pip excels. It’s just William Shakespeare and his life and his “greatest hits”, all performed by Will himself.


Pip Utton is one of the world's finest solo theatre performers. Over the past two decades he has written and performed some of the most internationally successful monodramas.

Pip’s performances are renowned for his ability to break the fourth wall, speaking directly with the audience, involving them with the emotions, making them an essential part of the performance.

“Pip Utton is 'The Doyen of the one man show’” – Daily Telegraph

“The master of solo performance” – The Guardian

Dear audience and friends of the Fundamental Monodrama Festival , sadly, we must inform you that Pip Uttons show "At Home with Shakespeare" on June 15th is cancelled and reported to next year's festival. Due to the new covid regulations as of June 5th