11.06.2021 - 20:00

Luxembourg/Lithuania | In English

Ambition, auditions, education, womanhood, dating, sex, period, friendship, trauma, love addiction, co-dependence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, therapy, music. Lovefool is a one-woman play about Grace, a young woman, hungry for affection and looking for love in the wrong places. She is forced to discover what healthy (self-) love might look like.

Gintare Parulyte is an actor, writer and director for films and theatre plays. This is her third directorial project for the stage and the second time she opens the Fundamental Monodrama Festival with a piece she both wrote and directed. The first time she opened the festival was in 2018 with her solo show A Lithualien In The Land Of Bananas.

PerformanceLeila Lallali
DirectorGintare Parulyte
DramaturgyLiv Morris

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