Monolabo I: The Breath Of Skin

Monolabo I: The Breath Of Skin

19.06.201 - 19:00

Germany | In English

I’m not sure now
how it happened

I crashed
I know I crashed
in these streets

I don’t know what went

I was a part of

I remember being
a member

I’m not sure now
how I fit
I fit


[dance tale] based on fictionalized events in the life of an ancient wild creature longing to incarnate itself. But where, how? There’s no roadmap, no user’s manual to reality, not one trusty guide in the cloud, no credible tradition to follow, just a pandemic infinity of useless information. Is all that no more than the late performance of an angel lost between worlds?

Madeleine Rose, Australian performer, choreographer and art director is banding together with Martin Engler.

PerformanceMadeleine Rose & Martin Engler
AdaptationMadeleine Rose & Martin Engler
Film InstallationSeb Steins
Rope/Conceptual ArtJeanne Sardou
StylingAdèle Berson
Supported byFondation Indépendance